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5 Reasons to see your Physiotherapist before Hip or Knee Surgery

5 Reasons to see your Physiotherapist before Hip or Knee Surgery

If soon you are going to have a hip or a knee surgery, then you must have a series of questions crossing your mind, how long will it take you to get back to normal health, will you be equally strong post-surgery too? There is someone who will not only answer these questions but will also provide you with potential advices that will certainly help you recover fast.

The below mentioned 5 reasons will certainly convince you to see your physiotherapist before hip or knee surgery:

  • The exercising techniques

Exercises are something that will help you recover fast. You must follow certain exercising techniques taught to you by your physiotherapist before you go for the surgery. When the treatment is done you must go on with the exercises as per recommendation. Over doing and under doing the exercises can prove out to be dangerous, this is one of the strict areas that demand your attention and you must consult your physiotherapist about the same. You can even go for a personal physiotherapist post-surgery as it will help you recover fast.

  • Dress and undress yourself properly

It is certainly a difficult task to dress an undress yourself when your one side has undergone a recent surgery. If you have a personal physiotherapist he will ensure that you get everything you need within your reach. Your physiotherapist will help you learn the art of dressing and undressing yourself which will help you perform the task faster and efficiently. You will also learn not to affect the area which is operated.

  • Learn mobility when you are strong

Pre-planned knee and hip surgeries give you the time to plan out your things. When you are normal and healthy you do not usually think about how you will walk when you are done with your surgery. Your physiotherapist can help you learn walking with crunches. Practicing the difficult lessons like going up and down on the stairs can help you learn a great deal.

  • Manage the after effects of post-surgery

After your knee or hip surgery, you might have certain after effects like swelling. Your physiotherapist will guide you about the swelling management plan. The better you are able to manage the swelling; faster you will be able to recover. Your physiotherapist can create a customized plan for you adhering to which can help you attain a lot. There are certain impacts which are known in advance for which pre-consultation with physiotherapist can take place whereas the other effects which can vary from person to person can be dealt easily with your personal physiotherapist.

  • Keep your bathing session safe

Once you are done with your surgery, you must a follow a series of steps to be safe and stay healthy. You are certainly going to have incisions on the surgical area and your physiotherapist will guide that what precautions you should take while bathing, when are you allowed to wet your incisions. Your physiotherapist will also guide you about safely entering and leaving the shower. If you have learnt these things in advance, you can be on the safer side.

Prevention is better than cure and consulting your physiotherapist before your knee or hip surgery can help you make the best out of your surgery with the help of your physiotherapist.

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