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Foot and Ankle Pain

Foot and Ankle Pain

The human foot and ankle is a complex system of ligaments, tendons, nerves, joints and dozens of bones. The Foot and Ankle can be home to many problems, all of them tough and uncomfortable to deal with. If you are currently in pain and suffering from foot or ankle injury, it is important that you know the facts about this sensitive area. After all, if your foot or ankle injury is not given the proper attention and healed completely, you run the risk of it occurring again.

Ankle Problems:

Ankle Sprain and Strain
Psoriatic Arthritis
Shin Splints
Peroneal Tendon Problems
Osteoarthritis of the Ankle
Ankle Impingement Problems

Foot Problems:

Flat Feet (Pes Planus)
Achilles Tendon Problems
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
Plantar Fasciitis
Tailor’s Bunion

Take the time and make sure you get proper attention; after all, you have better things to do than hobble around on a pair of crutches.

Therapists at Care Plus Physiotherapy will access your foot and ankle condition and design a program that is specific to your individual needs and goals.

An ankle or foot problem may also require therapy that strengthens the lower leg, helping stabilize the lower extremity.

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