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Back Pain

Back pain

Unfortunately pain in the back is perceived as something trivial and can be mistakenly dismissed as a self limiting conditions by patients and doctors alike.

Back pain is a pain felt in the middle and lower areas of the spine. The pain in the lumbar spine can have multiple anatomical locations. Pain from hip or pelvis as well is from thoracic spine can project to the area of lumbar vertebrae and is perceived as pain in the mid and low back.


Symptoms will be dependent on which structures are irritated. Usually pain in the back which changes location is functional in origin.
Back pain with radiation into the leg, burning sensation, numbness and tingling should always be taken very seriously and requires immediate medical attention.


Back pain can be caused by structural pathology such as: herniated or protruded disc, arthritis of the lumbar joints. It can also be caused by pinched nerve within or around the structures of spinal canal or spinal foramens. It could also be functional such as muscular or ligamentous pain

- poor posture

- developmental aberrations

- muscular or ligamentous strain

- poor motor control of the lumbar spine

- poor function of the lumbopelvic-hip complex

- trauma

- bulging or herniated disc

- sacroiliac joint restriction or hypermobility

- poor function of the core (deep spinal stability mechanisms)

- poor breathing mechanism

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic low back pain is usual a result of combination of following factors: Poor, inadequate and untimely treatment, poor beliefs, poor copping strategies, overuse of structural diagnosis as well as emotional stress.


Diagnosis of back pain is almost always clinical with exception of very severe pain with numbness, tingling, radiation and loss of strength.

Rarely back pain can arise from structures inside the viscera (organs), however dysfunction of motility of visceral organs as well as breathing can be an important causative factor in chronic back pain. Most often differential diagnosis requires the differentiation of anatomical areas of the back as well as carefully examination of the whole locomotor system.

Treatment of Back Pain

Since back pain is so multifactorial individual approach is paramount.

The successful treatment of back pain is one that addresses the cause rather than the symptoms. In order to attack the cause two factors must be identified:
1. Movement dysfunction.
2. Pain generator- structure irritated during specific movement (ligament, muscle, joint, nerve, disc and etc...) Since multiple structures can refer pain to the back, primary load transfer failure must be identified. The spinal stability system has to be addressed from perspective of dynamic stability rather than the core strength.

At Care Plus Physiotherapy, we provide very individual and comprehensive approach based on our meticulous examination skills and most integrative treatment. We combine most advanced scientifically proven back treatment methods such as:

DNS (dynamic neuromuscular stabilization), ISM (integrated system model approach), structural integration, postural retraining, myofascial release and acupuncture just to name a few.

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