This tape, called Kinesiotape, was developed over 30 years ago in Japan and is used in rehabilitation to treat and prevent sports-related injuries. This tape is different than the traditional rigid, white tape that is commonly used for athletes to restrict joint movement and prevent injury (like taping an ankle). Kinesiotape provides support but also enhances proprioception, which reduces the occurrence of injuries.

The tape is elastic and stretches 130-140% of its original length, similar to the elastic properties of muscle. In addition, Kinesiotape can be used to enhance lymphatic drainage (reduce swelling) and reduce pain during the acute stages of injury. Because the tape is 100% cotton, it can be worn in the shower or pool with the application lasting for 3 to 4 days. Physiotherapists at Care Plus Physiotherapy Clinic are experts in the use of Kinesiotape and use it in conjunction with other interventions, like massage, manual therapy, and electrical stimulation to assist patients in their exercises while in physiotherapy.